Tipi in situation (16 ‘)
To end our emotional blockages (official video)

What is Tipi? (2′)
A video animation “fun” done in English to explain Tipi and its use in accompanying session.

Exchange on Tipi with Luc Nicon at CIIS, University of San Francisco, California, USA (11 ‘)
Questions from Shoshana Simons, program manager at CIIS University, are in English with French subtitles and the responses of Luc Nicon, founder of Tipi, are in English with English subtitles.
CIIS is renowned for its educational innovation and openness.

Tipi, science and consciousness (1h20 ‘)
Conference by Luc Nicon
(Report on the scientific knowledge around Tipi)
Organized by Tipi Humanity in Paris on 29 September 2015.
Content of the conference:
– the route from Luc Nicon to Tipi
– Luc Nicon’s discoveries on emotional functioning
– the origins of our emotional dysfunctions
– scientific hypotheses on the functioning of Tipi
– a natural resource of humanity